Urgency Fee

An Urgency fee is required if we have to drop all other jobs in order to prioritize your job. This implies that we begin work immediately.

Minimum Labour Charge
Minimum Once off Fee Required for all PC repair jobs.
Format & Reinstall OS (No Backup)

Re-installation of your OS ( Windows ), with a complete Hard Disk Format (erase).

Does not include backups.

Backup, Format & Reinstall OS
Re-installation of your OS ( Windows ), with a complete Hard Disk Format after your data has been backed up.
Full Data Recovery Technical
Non-mechanical failures
Full Data Recovery Clean Room
Mechanical Failures
R3000.00+ (Or Above)
Driver , Software , OS Repair
Blue screen,Hanging or Windows not booting repaired without reinstalling the OS.
R350.00 per hour
Driver & Software Installation

Drivers and 3rd Party Software installation
Basic installation repairs - troubleshooting will incur further charges.

Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal
Software Repairs due to malicious software.
R350.00 per hour
Setup for Email/ADSL/3G
Input ADSL,3G or Email Settings (No Backup included)
Driver & Software Downloads (100MB)
Driver & Software Downloads (500MB)
Driver & Software Downloads (1000MB)
Driver & Software Downloads (ABOVE 1000MB)
 See us in store for requests of downloads higher than 5GB in size.
PC Servicing - Desktop & Laptop
- Cleaning
- CPU Heat Paste
- Complete Inspection
- Antivirus
R 250.00
3rd Party Device Install & Testing

Product not purchased from Evolution IT will incur charges.
Extensive knowledge in all odd devices and customizations.

Motherboard Repairs

DC Jack replacement in-store
Liquid Damage - (Coffee spill)-Flux Bath in-store
Broken USB Ports
Any Motherboard level Repairs Done In-store

R450.00 per hour
Hardware Tests

PC Hardware/Component Stress Tests and Burn In Tests.

Price is Per Hardware Device/Component