We pride ourselves in neat and clean cable work. We supply and repair all makes of Desktop Computers and only use top brand names for repairs.


We have extensive laptop repair experience, 10 years experience in basic and advanced board level repairs. We sell and repair all makes of laptops and even repack batteries and replace broken charger jacks and LCD screens. We also do flux baths to clean your main board in the case of liquid damage to prevent corrosion in the future.

ADSL, LTE- A and 3G installations and setups.

We can fix any electronic component and do insurance Claims letters for any Electrical surge or water related queries.


We install and setup remote-access-dial-in Camera software so you can watch your company anywhere in the world. We can recover the important footage of the "break-in" and submit it to the police for insurance purposes. From basic one camera systems to full 24 channel DVR systems. Wired or Wireless.

We have qualified data recovery technicians with years of data recovery experience in store. Mechanical and software Recoveries available.


We have extensive experience in wired and wireless networks WDS repeater systems and NAS backup facilities.

We have extensive knowledge in Hi Def installs, HD PVR and Blu-ray systems up to 300m HDMI cable installations with 2 CAT5 cables and converters.

- Cheaper call rates can save up to 40% of your phone bill (no Telkom line required)

- Cheaper Faxing (no Telkom line required)

- No engaged tone at companies all calls are important + can divert calls as well

- Internal Calls are free even between companies (must have the system on both sides)

- No Hardware to be stolen or damaged all equipment protected in a safe location

- All hardware available for upgrade

  • Format & Reinstall OS
  • Backup, Format & Reinstall OS
  • Full Data Recovery Technical
  • Full Data Recovery Clean Room
  • Driver , Software , OS Repair
  • Driver & Software Installation
  • Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal
  • Setup for Email/ADSL/3G
  • Driver & Software Downloads
  • PC Servicing - Desktop & Laptop
  • 3rd Party Device Install & Testing
  • Motherboard Repairs
  • Hardware Tests

All makes and brands of Laser and Inkjet printers available for quote and repair.